I Am His Bride. Perfect Love

Genesis 2:25 “Both the man and his wife were naked, yet felt no shame.” Before the fall of mankind into sin, this was God’s design to be naked and feel no shame. The Reconciler Brought Complete and Perfect Healing for that shame. And His Name Is Jesus.

Growing up I did not live a life of sexual purity. I chose impurity so shame stayed with me until I was nearly 40 years old and because of shame my marriage was greatly hindered. I believed a boatload of lies that kept filling me with resentment and bitterness and disgusting lust long after I was a follower of Jesus. Until one particular day I looked at Jesus Christ, The Perfect Son of God. He Revealed His humiliation that He went through personally and intimately for me. He didn’t have to succumb to a life of humiliation, but He did. It is like He was expressing to me in Perfect Love that we can be humiliated together. We can be naked together and together we will feel no shame. Your body was designed for Me and by Me. Sweet Daughter and Bride, I love you! I have reconciled a relationship with you! Sin no more. You are no longer guilty or condemned. You don’t have to hide yourself any longer, You can come to me freely, naked and exposed and I will look at you with Love, Perfect Love. This is why My Word says, “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear.” There is no greater peace, joy and comfort than that of The Lord Jesus Christ.

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