Tears of Joy.

The God of All Grace helps me in my weakness to see and experience His beauty and power in it, for this, that, and the other thing. Reminding me that He is God and He Alone Gives, Holds and Keeps my Life for Him and by Him. How could He not, when He gave me Life in the first place through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. It is ludicrous to think He is not in every second of my day even as if I am the only one in the world. This is how personal and intimate He is to us as His children.

Yesterday morn, I was spending time with My Father, Lord, and Savior and my sweet Gary turned on worship music and it brought tears to my eyes, not the song, but recognizing The Power of God in that little act of Kindness and Love towards me. When these things happen, my heart rejoices and sings, I give thanks to Him Who causes and allows all things by His Holy Spirit. I can see You Lord in the lives of my people and this is immense and may Your Name be glorified.
I love you Gary.

Displaying The God of All Grace h...

The video that I captured below … “Change My Heart Oh God”

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