Children of The Day

Our job is to Love, trust and obey The Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and simply listen with intention in order to love people.

In my time with the Lord Jesus in His Word, I had to write some things out that came to my heart and mind.
There are 2 groups of people… people of the Light (day) and people of the dark (night). Often we don’t know who is who.
In order for Truth to be exposed in the hearts of every man, we must preach boldly the Living and Active Word of God. Because there are people in the church pretending to be children of the Light when in truth they are of the darkness, and then there are those who are behaving in a dark sinful manner who are actually children of the Light. (I was the latter) God is moving for the people to be exposed, the temptations to come so that darkness is revealed In them and for The Word of God to renew those that are of The Light but have not been assured yet that that is who/Whose they are.” Ref 1 thes 4-5

Lord we Pray continually, Show Your People Lord, Reveal Your Glory in all of this mayhem In Jesus Name! Dwell on Ezekiel 37

“The salvation of sinners by the grace and power of God is as great a wonder as the general resurrection. The putting of spiritual life into a natural person is a marvel of marvels and should excite as much wonder as the raising of Lazarus, or of Jairus’s daughter, or of the young man at the gates of Nain. What a feeling one has that there is a God when God has saved him! When he begins to dance for joy of heart because he is fully forgiven, then he knows Jehovah is God. He carries a demonstration of the Truth within his own heart and tells of it to others with tearful eyes. “Oh,” he says, “there is no mistake about it. There is a merciful God, for I have obtained mercy. There is a rfuge for sinners, for I have fled to it. There is a pardon, for I have obtained it. There is a rest, for I enjoy it. There is a heaven, for I begin to hear its bells ringing in my heart.” Spurgeon

The King of Glory

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