True Joy. How happy are you Christian, really?

I have come to love how the Lord uses my circumstances to build this ongoing exchange with Him. Something I never sought after but the more it was happening the more I wanted it. He used every single thing. Nothing was ever wasted, to Him it all mattered. His purpose was to never just push through this so that it will be better one day, His purpose He said was and always is to “enjoy Me now”. So every day. Every single day. And if the constant communion is not all day every day, well this is what He wants. He doesn’t want you to pull up your boot straps and suck it up. He wants Love. He offers the greatest Love ever and then manifests His Love when you have no idea it’s happening. How awesome is God! Shout it out people from the rooftops, leave Jerusalem and keep shouting. You will look crazy, but freedom is worth every ounce of crazy.

When I confess that ‘my joy’ is always teetering on some other circumstance or some other person, God is good. His Spirit and His Word compels me to proclaim “I want fullness of joy Lord, not this flippant joy the world and the people around me offer.” And there He Is. A drink offering poured out for me to Receive Again.

Is your happiness based on other people’s actions? What they are doing or not doing? Why? Jesus offers freedom from that, the pride of life, the critical spirit, today, tomorrow and every day because His compassions never end. By God’s grace you can repent and believe. If you confess your sins, he is Faithful and Just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If He has the whole world in His hands, doesn’t He have your little life?

Go Vote! Why? Not because your life depends on it (we know Who Life depends on), but because we have a right given to us by God, right now. Make sure it is in that order so that you vote with The Joy of The Lord, not fear or worry! And give thanks in All Circumstances for this is The Will of God for us in Christ Jesus.

Unrest. When Trump gets re-elected then we will be able to breathe. We will be able to do this or that or the other thing. Really? What is causing you to breathe now? Isn’t it the grace of Almighty God? Shouldn’t that Truth be why we do this or that or the other thing Christian? Praise The Lord!! May The Joy of The Lord be your strength today because this world is a joy sucker! Have you not surrendered your life to Christ so that you can Live In Christ and not of the world?

My mom has never heard of John Piper, so we watched one of my fav sermons so we could better understand his heart and where his allegiance and In Who his ultimate happiness remains. I was not baffled by his latest remarks (thankfully I’m mature enough and have respect enough to read between the lines so I don’t get my panties in a wad), I understand his heart, that the pride of life here has never been more pursued than it is right now so Christian check your happiness allegiance and expectation that if left here with nothing, do we truly understand our calling, our exile and sojourner position in this world that we are passing through. My pastor has even said multiple times, to comfort the afflicted but afflict the comfortable. Are you willing to be taken out of your comfort for Jesus Namesake? (yes, don’t we all fight our pride tooth and nail, but there comes a point of surrender because God is Good)! Or is the pride of this life your allegiance and ultimate pursuit? Think, When you ask for forgiveness, is it because you don’t want God to leave you (for fear your doom is eternal damnation) or do you Truly Want God (eternal pleasures and True Joy)? Look at yourself, then look at God…. See His Glory, His Mercy, His Love? He wants All of your heart, All of your mind, All of your strength, not just if Trump gets re-elected. And because this is His desire, we better check our hearts allegiance now!

So, by God’s grace, Repent and Believe and you will be saved.

God Will afflict His beloveds and when He does, it is the most Loving act because He knows In His Presence Alone is Fullness of Joy! Do you know this Joy? Praise God, I have no reason to boast but Your grace to me, Lord Jesus, has allowed me to. And when He Gives this True Joy, circumstances don’t matter, but rather people do. Love overcomes. I ask for forgiveness because I want God, I Love to be close to Him. I ask for forgiveness from
my people because I simply want to be close to them, I don’t want anything from them.
Because of that order of things, I want everyone to know this True Joy. The Joy of Reconciliation.

“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.” Psalm 16:11

Jesus says, “If you want to be my disciples (friends), deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me.” Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born!

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