What is that thing (or things) God used for you to come close to Him? Whatever He used, it was and still is God’s grace to you.

Spending time with my mom this last week somehow gave me an even deeper understanding of God. The circumstances of life are often out of our control and as we grow up thinking that we can control things, God In His Mercy reminds us that we can’t. We must just mourn our losses and rejoice in good times… And In Jesus Name we can lay our guilt at the foot of the cross. Because whatever is our lot, it is to God’s Glory. The hard part is receiving. It’s not only hard to receive that death is a part of life but also that joy is too. We don’t really want to believe that every good and perfect gift is from God because if someone has a terminal disease, or dies why should that person have to walk through that and I didn’t. The truth is we all will. The grace in all of it is that God knows. He is Sovereign in using every single thing that happens, to draw us closer to Him. Why does He do that? Because He knows what we crave. He knows us better than we know ourselves. And He knows that this life is temporary. A broken, sinfilled world is what He has always used to demonstrate Love, Most perfect Love. Himself. We can’t love sinners like He does unless we know deeply the One Who is sinless.
He drives us to know His Perfect Love. Because in knowing Perfect Love, we no longer walk in fear.

I think we all have special relationships with our parents in many ways…
I have a special relationship with my mom due to something I did not create. And because of that, we even have a song that she only recently shared with me. God used my mom, at age 19 to bear a child, and that child born with a syndrome then ultimately diseased with cancer, of course thought she would lose a child. It seemed grim back in 1976-1980 All the while God used that circumstance to develop a relationship between He and her. It’s a big deal to know our first Love, that God wants to reveal Himself to His Creatures. He knows we can’t truly Love others to think about and know their first Love if we don’t.

I had the privilege of spending time with her last week as she recently received a cancer diagnosis. But God knows, He has used my brother, myself, my sister, so many others to think on things we don’t normally think about. The reality of our frailty. The brevity of life.

“There is no true deliverance from the fear of death except by looking to Him whose death is the death of death.” Spurgeon

I must receive and be content in having little and having a lot because I know this Kingdom is not my home. Our worthiness for whatever we receive does not directly correlate at all. Jesus Christ Alone is Worthy of All Praise. God Is The Author and Protector, the Deliverer and Redeemer, and In Whom we receive all these things when we Receive Christ. For the Christian it is a constant overflowing Grace of communion and fellowship with Him to believe again, surrendering to His Word and His Promises. For the non-believer Salvation is at stake. His Love has been demonstrated but you suppress the Truth. I pray The Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the blind, like He did my mom’s at age 19 and mine at age 33.

Song “You and Me Against The World”
Helen Reddy. https://youtu.be/kyv71DcD7PU

Last week, We were driving back home down a country road back to the beautiful place where my mom was staying during recovery and she had her phone bluetoothed into the car. Not knowing, the song started playing and it was something that I will never forget. Tears streamed down our faces and heavy crying even, what in the world. I wanted to hold it together since I was the one driving, but God wouldn’t allow it. I think we were both rejoicing with tears that we are together still on earth. And as much Truth there is in that, because of Jesus we rejoice further, crying buckets that Our Living Hope is that we will be together forever and ever. Romans 8:18-30

I truly am grateful for all the time I get with my mom, it is filled with epic grace, rest and restoration. My sweet husband would say it was a huge sacrifice by letting me go, but knowing The Love of God I would say Gary, there was and will be Gain. Because Jesus Christ is all about compassion and letting go of our life. So just wait. God is doing a mighty work.

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