God’s Mark of 2020 – 12.28.2020

I looked outside and to my eyes saw His Glory.
The mark of the beast is upon us for sure, but yet As I reflect on this 2020 year, I’m amazed. Because His imminent grace has given me eyes to see and His Spirit that thirsts and hungers for righteousness, I am Astounded at God’s Faithfulness to drive me closer to Himself. The spiritual battle was so epic this year, that I think about the lost that will remain when He raptures the saved. Who will go into my home and what will they find? When someone goes in to read my journal there’s no doubt God will bring someone to salvation. There’s no doubt someone will receive Hope in Christ. There’s no doubt that the fear of God will far out weigh foolish desires. There’s no doubt Amazing grace will flood their hearts all by The Power of His Holy Spirit. Through much grace I’ve learned to forgive quickly, to stay and seek Reconciliation often and to do those things Jesus has to be my life every moment of every day. He had to make known to me the fear of God, which lead me to the Love of God, Whose daughter I was and the purpose God has for me. I have learned the beauty and freedom of seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all of these other things will be given to you (matt 6:33). What are the other things? Not a happy circumstantial life but rather, His Truth, His Loveliness, His Peace, His Joy, His Love, His Faith. Watching Him work me out, denying myself daily is a blessed gift that doesn’t come from being a busy mom or a doting wife but rather a resting warrior. I love nothing but the fruit of all that He gives, the fruit of His mercy and the fruit of His grace.
In Jesus Name.

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