2020 Provisions of God

It was the year of the entire world’s hype and frenzy during a “pandemic”. Spending time with God is never convenient but He knows best how to get His children to, doesn’t He?? #2020 And not everyone is His child, but you know who you are. Rest Assured Child.

While all of that was going on The Lord demonstrated His faithfulness that I need to remember.

  1. Things came to a halt – our extra curricular calendar was cleared. This drew the people of God closer to Him. The wheat was separated from the chaff.

2. GMS not only sustained, but thrived… spiritual growth, financial growth, we even hired 20+ new people.

3. Ship Shape cannonballs received SHML approval (due to the essential urgency of disinfectants and hand sanitizer) – This was a 10 year battle in which we had turned over every rock and leaf… much prayer and petition – God used this pandemic to answer prayers for this particular request in a way we never expected or saw coming.

4. Every Chemotherapy for Gary had stopped working in January and then by the Grace of God, He had Immunotherapy exactly match up to his mutated cancer cells in March that would ultimately wipe out and heal him fully “remission” in October.

5. Epic Spiritual battles were had that tested my allegiance and The Armor of God – hourly meditations with my Savior reminding me “Love covers a multitude of sins” – Denying myself, picking up my cross, following Him that lead to humility, forgiving quickly and seeking reconciliation brought about Love that in my flesh I am unable and unwilling to do.

6. For the first time I went on a 3 day sabbatical retreat with Christ Alone. It was the most precious time of my life – He restored and renewed me during this time of healing with Him.

7. I spent 24hrs in a closet with Jesus – I went there out of desperation, a need for Refuge and crying out for change. He then supplied all my needs.

8. Grant finally got his drivers license in August 2020.

9. Live Love Ministry came together by God’s Amazing Grace, trials and toils, through many volunteers and givers. Fundraisers and ministry was ongoing even while the world seemed to shut down.

10. GMS (due to an increase of video meetings) gathered “virtually” everyday for prayer and God’s Word instead of just 2 days a week – and God established His Time to be 10:30am instead of whenever it was convenient for everyone at GMS which was never.

11. More family time at home, more meals and conversations around the table, more sin exposed, more grace required and understood, revealed our desperate need for Jesus Christ even more, every minute of everyday. This is His Grace to us and therefore 2020 was not a waste and not in vain but rather His Perfect design for His children here.

12. Best Christmas Gifts ever – My mom being with me for Christmas and Gary asking me if we can host a weekly men’s bible study at our home starting in January

13. Getaways with my lady to visit family and friends.

14. Epic 6 week adventure Rv’ing across the USA.

2021 may not change much from 2020 but regardless, my family will… God will see to it because He Lives. Remember to Share your story about God and His works by His Word.

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