My life is one great amazing grace! Before the beginning of the world God foreknew me, He predestined me to be His, He chose me first, compelled my heart to choose Him more than life, His mercy on me is something that I will never understand but my undying love in response is a Divine miracle and would have never been my initial response. He redeemed my life, I am His elect, although forordained, I never even knew until that day in April 2009 (He kept it hidden). Mercy was only revealed then, although i did not understand, and continues to be sustained, kept daily by His Almighty Hand of Protection. As i work out my sanctification with fear and trembling, He reminds me that He is Sovereign and His promises are true, everyday I humbly can come to His throne of grace and receive His everlasting Love poured out for me… Why not justice for me Lord, I weep at Your feet in surrender to You.

Romans 9:15-18

For God said to Moses,
“I will show mercy to anyone I choose,
and I will show compassion to anyone I choose.”
So it is God who decides to show mercy. We can neither choose it nor work for it.
For the Scriptures say that God told Pharaoh, “I have appointed you for the very purpose of displaying my power in you and to spread my fame throughout the earth.” So you see, God chooses to show mercy to some, and he chooses to harden the hearts of others so they refuse to listen.

I often pray for all of God’s elect walking around but dont yet know His grace poured out… i pray today that by faith they come face to face with the The Risen Savior, A personal encounter with The Christ, Jesus Lord of All. He has called you out because of His great mercy! No one seeks God unless you are His… you keep pushing Him away But you must Come. #chosen

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