My one and only son.

Grant’s smiling eyes lights up a room but Grants daily life is filled with pain, silent suffering, a bitter heart, a wishing that it would just go away. He has been afflicted for years with a severe dry skin condition eczema and dermatitis and skin allergy. Im praising God in the midst as we treat him everyday and try to keep him comfortable and moist. It is often a battle of control, the biggest lesson anyone could ever learn especially at the age of a child. As his mom we want to take it from him, we are helpless really. As i ask God how I can help him He wants me to teach him Gods Word thru this. He wants me to tell him, not to wish it away but surrender it to God, accept the thing he cannot change and plead with the Lord, to draw nearer in every part of his young life. God tells me that Grant is chosen so He must grow in the Lord and no one comes to the Lord quicker than someone suffering in trial and affliction. The broken world we live in, the sins of me and my family and he has to suffer. It doesn’t seem fair. But God says everything will turn out for our good and His glory for those that love Him. I am banking on that promise which is why I know Grant is chosen, my son must endure through this affliction so that He will stand firm in his faith, to draw near to God on his own and not just blindly follow my faith. I pray Lord Jesus for Grant’s deliverance and for his redemption so that he will proclaim Your glory, Your majesty, Your peace and salvation in Your name!

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