In His Control

It’s interesting to me how so many of us live in the delusion that we have so much say, so much control. Christian don’t you know our prayers are controlled by the will of The Father?! The gospel we speak and the seeds that fall, the soil it falls on are controlled by the Will of the Father. You may ask why do anything then? Why pray, why preach? Because we are indeed Christ’s and we will do what He asks of us if we are indeed His; but to expect God to change His Will just because we speak is ludicrous. He is unchanging, He is faithful and He will not move for us, He moves for Him, for the world to see His glory. To see God in Reverence and Holy Fear is the appropriate light in which He delights to be seen! But on the other hand isn’t it so merciful of Him to continue giving breath to those who will blaspheme Him all day… Why? For His glory! Oh and what a glorious time it will be… When all knees will bow and every tongue will confess and proclaim Him as Lord. The time is now, today is the day of salvation! Ohhhh how can I neglect such a great salvation!

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