The Blessing of Brokenness -Testimony

Bless the broken road – selah
There are people God places in your life to draw you closer to Him… And this person came in at first sight may 2008 when she made a sweet comment about my 4 year old son Grant about how much she hoped he would be in her Pre-K class in the fall. I said sure, wow thank you so much for reaching out. This is the story of my Sandy. She had my heart through her sweetness towards my son. Fall 2008 started and Grant was in Sandy’s class.. Unbeknownst to me I happened to come into her life during a tumultuous time of satan’s wreckage. But God, He had already organized something much better for our good! Because that’s what He does in everything, he does things greater than we can think ask or imagine, for His Glory and for our good to those that Love Him and are called according to His Purpose.
February 2009 one particular day I was in a panic and I realized I needed someone to watch my kids (grant 4 and Olivia 1) on a regular basis,
And especially for a weekend trip Gary had planned in April to take me on for my birthday in Vegas.
She didn’t hesitate and quickly said yes! So she quickly became a huge blessing from God…and since she had 2 kids of her own (at the time adam age 10 and ashley age 12), well we quickly became a family! And as the year went on we named ourselves the heavenly 7! When I got to know her other extended family they were all followers of Jesus!! It was something I had never witnessed before. It made since then that her husband hit the bricks since he was on the path to destruction – God will always remove obstacles in His Way.
Sandy loved listening to my secular stories, and one thing I found easy to do was to tell her… I spilled all my beans with her. Her reception of the real me gave me comfort, not judgement. She wasn’t good at telling me about Jesus per say (she never even told me about Bible studies), but rather she was excellent at Being.
Oh God knew she was exactly the person He would use for what was going to happen to me next. She started coming to the church I went to, we enjoyed our friendship and it was like I didn’t need anyone else and neither did she.
I went to church my whole life, and one day I said to her on the way home from church “what is the Trinity”. She looked at me like I must be kidding but I wasn’t. She said “what! don’t you know!? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Ohhhh haha nope never put that together! not the church’s fault because I’m convinced my eyes are open today by the grace of God!! Nothing short of that… completely the grace of God! And friends if you don’t believe that only by His grace do you see, then you are believing in your self. And that theology filters through everything else you do.

Long story short, that Vegas Trip to sin city, little did I know, Jesus met me there! He went, and goes where ever His Beloveds are – He just decided to come a little closer and pull back the veil for me to SEE my sin and HIS GRACE that Covers it all!! He in that moment made my heart which was stone, absolutely FLESH! Able to care, and pay attention to my road to destruction – He Allowed me to SEE so I would LOVE! And LOVE HIM I DID starting April 26, 2009 and DO now because He Wills it! Not only that but LOVE LOVE with an The Everlasting LOVE of JESUS so THAT I Will when He calls me home, meet Him in the air! “I Got Saved”

My Sandy is to me a huge seed that was planted by The Lord in Preparation for His Harvest! At that time I had no idea what was happening but grateful today, I get to look back and see The Hand of God on my life through her. I love her so much! We had so much fun traveling together, going through hard times together, and just growing in The Lord together, she always loves reading my writings, so I wanted to write in honor of her. I miss her dearly because The Lord knows how very difficult it was to leave her and her kids in 2012 when we moved to Coronado, CA.

Funny, when we listened to “bless the broken road” together she would always turn to me and said, God sent me you… because yes I guess so since she was broken from marital devastation; but the hypocrisy is that I was much more broken in my separation from God but didn’t know it quite yet, until JESUS CHRIST SHOWED ME THE WAY.

Jesus, You are The Lamp to my feet and The Light to my Path! Thank you for giving me A Heart that Delights to Worship You!


One thought on “The Blessing of Brokenness -Testimony

  1. Well it took me 4 times to read this tears flowing . Love this writing , so many wonderful times and memories not to mention the heavenly 7 . God gave me another sister in Christ that day , Someone who I will always know and love and treasure for eternity along with her sweet family. What a blessing !!! Praise God 🙌❤️ !! No matter how many miles apart you are still so missed and loved. . Hugs and prayers for you my sweet friend and sister in Christ. Thank you .


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