The spirit of humility is most definitely a gift from The Lord. Being proud is natural for me, it is the sin within me that God continually holds at Bay. Last year I was heavy in God’s Word and in His oh so Love for me, knowing my every thought and desire, took the liberty of revealing something to me very profound as I dwelled in The book of Psalms. Of course we often don’t have a clue our tendencies until The Lord reveals them, in so allowing us to come to Him for help. So in my naivety He pulled out the word “righteous” and gave me His truth. Unintentionally we all tend to read God’s Word according to our flesh, but through The SPIRIT He reveals it reads much differently. This vital understanding was crucial for me and therefore He gives me the privaledge to share with those I love. The word righteous can be a very scary word, it is a word that naturally produces betterness in a person. So The Lord showed me that that word is not for you, it’s for Me and whenever you read that Word replace it with my name, not yours. This was crucial to my understanding of Grace, because if we read that word enough in the flesh it takes on a self centered meaning as opposed to a Christ centered meaning produced only by the humbling of The Holy Spirit.



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