All the days of my Life.

I get to witness and boast of the majesty of God each and every moment since He unveiled the mask from my eyes and escorted me into the sheep of His pasture. I get to boast about His doing and my being because of Christ Jesus… testifying to His mercy and Grace continually bestowed on my life all because of His Love. There is nothing greater! It’s through His gift of Faith that I am able. He passionately pursues us in so many ways, but we can’t know His pursuit until we let go of our feeble pursuits. It is an amazing magnificent Grace that we get to receive each and every moment. Our seeking is futile but He shows us Him through His Word, through this life and through people He places in our path and You will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart.
I get to witness a profound blessing today and it’s all because of Jesus! He is All powerful, all consuming, everlasting King of kings.

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