Looking Past the Leak

This disaster had been building up for 30 + years. Recently we just moved into a new home built in the 1980’s. When we moved in, a week later we noticed a small leak. So we cut a small hole to take a look, our handy guy fixed it then thought we were done, a couple days later a gush of water poured from the ceiling lights. What in the world. Our guy was gonna cut another small hole and when he did he noticed something greater than a leak so Gary said I don’t care about the mess man, cut the whole ceiling open so we can See. And of course I’m like do whatever you gotta do just hurry up. Well there was no hurrying. Going on 2 weeks with a 10′ hole in our ceiling. Mold, Mildew, Rotten boards; No big deal right but I asked the Lord there must be a spiritual application for this like you give for everything else and when I asked He gave. Lately I’ve seen messes that have built up for decades, and while there were certainly small leaks, over those years typically what we do is try to figure it out, put a band-aid on it and say we are okay, all good we delusionally think. It’s automatic, it’s natural. What’s supernatural is when the reveal comes to dissect, examine and ask The Lord to cleanse us of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9) not just the little bit we leaked out. We want to hide the fullness of the mold and mildew of our lives and just stop the leak but when that happens it festers, it builds, it grows, it infects. You’re not made new, instead you are patched up and think you’re good. This is how we deal with ourselves, but The Lord in His grace gives us reasons and by His Holy Spirit to look deeper as we draw closer, He sees the reality of the situation and Commands that we see it too by His love and mercy. So when the leaks occur, look into it, there’s something more going on underneath and praise Him that He wants to show us. Because The closer we come to Christ the more we see His Holiness and the more we see us. And then we get to a point where we can’t band-aid it anymore so we cry out to Him Who Renews, Restores and Redeems completely and that’s where miracles happen. The process is ongoing, continual change, but it is what God is pursuant after, therefore, it has kingdom purposes even though often unpleasant but Glory be to God. My Splendor is My Glorious Lord’s Delight! Because of His Great Love He Will do it!



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