Heart Check. The Page of Grace!

How to love someone unconditionally with pureness of heart without motive? Ask yourself, who is the worst sinner I know? If God has so graciously revealed the depths of your depravity, the restraint of His Grace that He keeps hold of you, knowing full well without His restraint we are hopeless and sin driven, then without hesitation the answer is “me” once the truth of that answer is established and guarded in the heart and mind of Christ, The Lord will cause you to increase and abound in Love for one another with compassion and understanding for all people. But until that Revelation of His Grace is known and received, that compared to The Holiness of God, “I am the worst of sinners”, because compared to men there will always be a worse sinner than You and that is hate and death and bondage. You don’t recognize the Life Giving Grace of Almighty God on your life therefore you are dead.
The fear of The Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. All wisdom starts from there, the One Who gives life and takes life. The One Who brought us from dust and takes us back to dust. The One Who Loves you so much He sought you and bought you with a price, through the crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Savior so that we might receive His mercy bestowed on us and lift our faces to Him confessing our poor, dependent and needy state, not our seemingly self sufficient and independent state. And when we do, we Believe and are saved from God’s wrath, He takes us and molds us into His Image, gives us Himself and says “you can do All things through Christ Who strengthens you”. Phil 4:13

Hell was not created for us, therefore God loved us to sent His Son to endure the penalty we could not pay.


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