Let It Be The Thing…

I watched a man preach a message that was the ultimate worship… His heart of worship for Almighty God was evident and you could see the mercy He knew which was bestowed to him. His son died when he was in the prime of his life of ministry delighted to serve Jesus Christ with all of his heart too, a heart of worship. But he died around 22.

He said when you seek God you can easily see things can always be worse, what’s worse you say than losing your son… not being assured of where he went, his home, and God clearly made that answer as his son took his last breath

He quickly learned, we don’t worship God because He is good, we worship God because He is God, and we are not. And we either trust Him or we don’t.

I learned this too, that God gives his people a heart like that, a heart that Will worship Him with all their hearts minds souls and strength – it’s a grace that can only come thru Jesus Christ . It can’t be manufactured or faked.

We know that this is not our home, we know that we can’t know God except through Jesus, why?, Because apart from Christ we are His enemies, He can’t be in the presence of evil and sin because He is Holy but because of His relentless Love and undeserving mercy He sent His Son, perfect, sinless and holy to die the death, defeat the death that we could never die or defeat. He did this for everyone (John 3-16-17) but His word also states that not everyone will believe and love For because unless He removed the veil from your eyes and shows you Jesus, you simply won’t and can’t believe or love God because the Truth is Jesus is The Way , The Truth and The Life and no one comes to the father except through Him. So if you do believe then consider this to be The Greatest gift in The entire world, that without God’s Love along with the wrath poured out onto His only Son for you in which no one took God’s Life, He laid it down for you, we are dead, walking dead here and most certainly we are eternally separated from God forever, writhing in eternal pain and suffering. This life is short but there is so much more, are you His?, did He single you out so that you might believe in The One Who gives Everlasting Life??

We were created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This is the Will of God, but because we sin by nature, naturally we won’t and therefore we are separated from God for now and all eternity. This is our purpose why we were created but sin tarnished it from the beginning, and separated us from our loving, Father. The simple Truth is simply if you are able to Love God, Rejoice and know that You are his and He is yours and that He will never forsake you, why ? There is power in the Cross and Christ’s death was not in vain and purposeless. God is a God of intention, purpose, and order and He establishes His Way or there’s no way. Oh how grateful I am that I can trust You Lord and that whatever is going on in my life I am able to let it be the thing that draws me closer to you, not apart. Do you trust Him, are you able to turn from your life that is not yours anyway to The Life God created you for, to Worship him and not your frivolous ways. If God has so blessed you with eyes to see and ears to hear of His Word, Truth and Mercy, let nothing come before Him, let not your family, your obsessive habits, your addictions. You say how is that possible??.. because God has given you everything you need to live a life worthy of His Calling, He did not leave you to your own self, He gave abundantly Himself, the power of The Holy Spirit dwelling within His Beloveds (gal 2:20). You have been set free from sins bondage and chains. Cast them off like the filthy rags and bricks they are because when The Son sets us free we are free indeed. Do not be deceived, sometimes we love our rags and bricks so much it looks like beautiful jewelry to us.

All things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose. When God looks at you, because of Faith, believing in The One Who was sent, He sees not you, but He sees His Son, that He has dressed you with His Righteousness, the wrath that was owed to you has been redeemed and He looks on you with Love because of Jesus , not on the basis of works but on the basis of Gods amazing Grace. That Jesus says as our intercessor, this one believed and was therefore able to fulfill the greatest commandment by The Amazing Grace and unending mercy of You Almighty God of Creation.

Whoever has ears let them hear Lord, will they listen and live?


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