Indicators not dictators

When we are Alive in Christ, we are awakened to much amazing spiritual blessings, The fullness of Christ, in fact, that was non existent before. So today as I was pondering The Lord in my heart and how it is I have been given some things … He allows me words to articulate to the enemies demise… he is scathing mad as I write and even more mad if someone learns something new or remembers The Lord from this blog.
Our faith is a journey, a walking it out journey which means this is an active faith. Always checking our sinfulness, our nature against God’s holiness. And the greatest sin that we can have that keeps us in bondage to our sin is the sin of unbelief. Whatever is my problem, whatever is my angst, whatever is my hurt…. while our feelings are a beautiful gift from The Lord, He doesn’t want us to rest in our feelings but rather take them and give them back to Him who gave them and lay them at Jesus feet, the foot of the cross, all the while doing that, He bestows Amazing grace and His Truth which allows us to know how deeply The Father Loves us.
A wise sister in Christ shared with me a long time ago that our feelings are indicators not dictators… and I realize that many of us are walking around reacting, being dictated by what we think is true and how we feel rather than what actually Is. So…..
Allowing your feelings to dictate your behavior is a disaster because whether your circumstance is happy or mad or sad, that’s the way your wind will blow, your sailboat is flailing all over the place and it often ain’t a peaceful picture. Remember this verse about contentment “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. ” Phil 4:13

How do I know, because I take my feelings to The Lord and say “search my heart Lord, don’t let any crumb of bitterness stay in my heart, You know my heart is able, so here You go because only Your heart is Powerful and full of Love.” I desperately want His Love so that I can Love others as He has Loved me, my love apart from Christ is fleeting and shallow and impatient. Because He is my Father, He knows this so He pours out onto me an overflowing portion of Love, Grace and Truth.

If your feelings are under His Control, by the power of His Holy Spirit, then they are only indicators, recognize it, take it to God… even your joy because it’s all His. This will keep you and everyone around you in His Peace. Walk it out Christian…. if you thought you were supposed to go to work today, don’t neglect the better work, the work that God commands us to do. The Victor, Jesus Christ has already put the kibosh on your feelings and took them all on Himself! Live in His perfect Peace, a beautiful reality that we get to live in.
If you believe or hold on to any of these feelings below, go to God, believe again in Jesus Name…
You feel abandoned …psalm 27:10
You feel unloved… Phil 4:19
You feel hurt… psalm 27:13-14, psalm 147:3
You feel alone… John 14:16-18
You feel disrespected… romans 12:10
You feel you need to please… galatians 1:10
You feel you are perfect… romans 3:10-12
You feel tempted.. 1 Corinthians 10:13
You feel guilty… romans 8:1
You feel horrible…1 John 1:9
You feel fear… 1 John 4:18
You feel like you wanna jump off a cliff…psalm 118:13-23 (msg)
You feel able…proverbs 16:18
You feel weak… 2 cor 12:9
You feel sorrow… psalm 56:8
You feel anxious …Phil 4:6-7
You feel like running.. psalm 91:2
You feel like hiding… psalm 32:7
You feel wronged…Luke 6:27-28
You feel disgusted… ephesians 4:29
You feel in despair…1 Peter 5:10
You feel depressed… Isaiah 41:10
You feel disadvantaged…2 Corinthians 3:18
You feel better than…philippians 2:3-4
You feel angry…ephesians 4:26-31
You feel bitter/resentful…proverbs 8:13-25, ephesians 4:31
You feel confused…psalm 97:10
You feel unfair…Jeremiah 33:3
You feel rushed…psalm 46:10
You feel burnt out.. psalm 130:5
You feel you don’t measure up… romans 5:1-21
You feel like you fall short….romans 3:23-26
You feel crushed…psalm 51:8
You feel exhausted… Matthew 11:28-30
The answer, The only Real answer
Jesus Christ

Roman’s 12:2
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Lord help me…. I don’t want to be a shell gazing people, but thank You for giving me privilege to search deeper into the heart of the matter.

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