Created To Worship

Looking at his posture and God’s Peace, tears well up in my eyes, I see The Lord mightily moving when I see Gary go to The One Who can handle everything, Who knows everything and can intercede on his behalf, Who knows best The Way to take this man.
God did not provide this man to me to be most satisfied in him, but rather to pray for him and to grow in holiness for me. And both He has granted me by His mercy and grace. God reminds me over and over that He is Most Glorified when I am Most Satisfied in Him. So when He enables me to see and experience things good and bad, I delight to take them to my Father so not to hold any seeds of pride, bitterness, or resentment. Lord Your mercy is great and you see every single thing that I need and don’t need to draw Your Beloved closer to You. Your Ever increasing Faith…How else Lord could I have grown in holiness without Your teachings of self-denial, contentment and Your unconditional Love for me. How could I have Lord, but by Your Grace, love a man who doesn’t meet my conditions. How could I have learned unconditional love if my loved ones met all the conditions. Lord, by Your Love free me daily and help me not to worship these things but You, The Author of these things. We all were created to worship but because of sin, we sell our worship short and worship everything but The One Who we were created to worship, The One Who is Able to Satisfy us Perfectly and Completely! In Jesus Name, Amen!


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